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Guava powder comes from guava leaves that we have mixed.

Guava leaves are especially useful for those looking to lose weight. Guava leaves help with weight loss by limiting the transformation of complex carbohydrates into sugars.

The leaves encourage the production of digestive enzymes which cleanse our digestive system and help us maintain healthy digestion.

Healthy digestion means that food is transformed into energy and there is no accumulation of fat.

The main properties of guava leaves for thinning :

  • It activates the metabolism: the consumption of guava leaf tea helps to activate and speed up the metabolism. Thus, less fat is accumulated and weight loss is encouraged.
  • Diuretic and Detoxifying Effect: Guava leaf tea helps cleanse the body. It acts as a purifier, so it helps in the elimination of toxins, which are often one of the causes of the gain of extra pounds. In addition, it is of great help to carry out digestion correctly, thus facilitating weight loss.
  • It Regulates Sugar or Glucose: Guava leaves have also been found to help reduce the absorption of sugar into the blood, in addition to making it harder to convert complex carbohydrates. In this way, the amount of sugar in the body is minimized and it does not accumulate as much if it does not burn if it is not converted into energy.

Directions for use :

Add a teaspoon of guava powder to your Mielca. To consume morning and evening.